The visual search engine faster than eBay

Get onboard! And reach beyond boundaries of traditional search!

Faster than eBay

Rocketbay is a visual search engine for eBay products that allows users to optimize time spent on product search whilst comparing thousands of offers in one go.
In addition to visual navigation, loading time is optimized to be 4 times faster than, making it possible to view an infinite scroll of results per product image in seconds.

Visual Research

Rather than viewing a list or gallery, visual search is exceptionally useful when looking for unique and/or handcrafted items, which in turn produce a lot of one offs that might be described in similar ways, yet be completely different from the research done upstream by the user.
This is why visual navigation with Rocketbay benefits the buyer by allowing them to scan hundreds of search results and focusing their attention only on those of significant interest, therefore optimizing purchase times.

At your service

The ability to scroll through loads of data all at once speeds up sellers’ search compared to when done on eBay itself, thus representing a large display window from which hundreds of products and offers can be viewed simultaneously while allowing users to find what they are looking for at a glance.
Whether you’re trying to win an auction, looking for that "hard-to-find" vintage outfit you've always wanted, or buying at the lowest possible price, Rocketbay will make it easier than ever.
Rocketbay is designed to be a buyer's right hand man, turning search on eBay as functional as possible to the needs of its users.