Ever collected anything whether out of interest, curiosity, love, even mania or nostalgia? Some collect as a relaxing hobby or to create a decorative space in their home. Then there’s those who collect for the challenge and reward of finding rare, unique items from across the globe. The varying reasons that people collect is exactly what makes collecting so fascinating:
Collecting does not equal hoarding. 

Collecting requires patience and passion and a genuine interest.

A matter beyond ownership

Collecting objects that are produced in limited editions or quantities has been one of the most popular collecting hobbies throughout the history of mankind. What drives humans to collecting goes far beyond the idea of owning a piece of an limited collection, it may not be obvious to everyone, but collecting objects that are not easy to find, though time-consuming, it’s one of those activities that can only be carried out by those who have, for the strength to wait whole days, nights, months, years just for that fateful, so desired, object that is unique and inimitable.

Collecting objects produced in infinite quantities has its own perks too!
As in the case of art, you get to enjoy the happiness of having found an object of that given collection, though the downside is.. you will never get to own it all. 

Then there is collecting at the intellectual level for those who are passionate about historical or cultural artifacts, who enjoy collecting stamps, documents, letters, trade coins, weapons and military badges.
Collecting can extend to even the entertainment and gaming industry. In fact, manufacturers specifically create limited series of products for fans and collectors.

The value of the items collected

Getting an estimate from an expert is surely the first thing you should consider doing especially if you’ve laid your eyes on some expensive or historically high-valued item, but there are a few things one should to keep in mind: degree of rarity, antiquity, condition, signs of damage or restoration. All these factors can vary but, just as "the flapping of a butterfly's wings can cause a hurricane on the other side of the world", in the same way a collection can acquire or lose value at any moment in time, thus influencing its final price.