Jewellery & Watches

The habit of wearing accessories is very ancient. There are several finds that testify to the use of jewelry since the time of Neanderthal man. Before wrist watches were invented, humans of all ages and eras loved to wear bracelets, necklaces, pendants, earrings, etc. Men tended to wear even more ornaments than women. Some jewels had a protective function, such as amulets, others expressed belonging to a religious faith.

Jewels have always represented for human beings not only accessories but also their social or personal status, for example, the wedding ring.

Man's relationship with the passage of time has equally ancient origins. After Galileo Galilei's studies, the first pocket watches became a must among the gentlemen of the time.

The very first wristwatch was designed for a woman, the queen of Naples, Napoleon's sister and remained for a long time an exclusively female accessory.

What has changed?

Today, for both men and women, watches and jewelry are a must to wear. Without them, an outfit will not be 100% complete.No longer a symbol of social status, no longer indicators only of our wealth or belonging. Today we all wear watches and jewelry to express ourselves.

There are millions of models or brands to choose from depending on your personal taste or the occasion. For example, there are sports watches with pedometer or GPS attached; there are watches to wear every day, at work or at school and then, there are more precious watches that you wear just for a special occasion. Same with jewelry: there are variable prices and accessible to all.  We all wear watches and jewelry to express ourselves beyond all the social rules of the past.

Say it loud!

While a watch won't help you escape the passing of time, it can certainly give you the chance to escape a life of homologation. Stand out from the crowd: complete your outfit with the right accessory. Find your unique and inimitable style among the many different proposals for watches and jewelry and create an original look.