Small, precious and sometimes also affordable. Collecting stamps is certainly a niche business, which has been going on from generation to generation and has never had a setback. In fact, time after time, this minute and colorful piece of paper had peaks in purchases, especially in the 19th century, years in which collectors from all over the world made fake cards in order to fill in the missing "boxes". Even today, this type of collection still has a certain value, which continues to fascinate!

I have it, I miss it!

It is said that this is the song sung by the greatest of philatelists, who seek to fill the missing space with a precious and prestigious, but also modest, philatelic work of art. Not surprisingly, the success of this hobby is based precisely on the fact that, in it, there is no kind of unexpected economic fluctuation. Indeed, this is nothing more than a hobby in which it is possible to combine a taste for culture and aesthetics at a fairly affordable price.

A world full of values and falsehoods

As in any collection, there is always an original and precious work, and as many false and insignificant. But how to recognize a real stamp? Surely the print quality is a detail that should not go unnoticed, in which the opacity of the letters speaks volumes about the originality of the product. As well as the recess, which must always be soft and delicate, almost invisible to the human eye. By periodically leafing through our assorted catalog, you will find a wide range of stamps, which date back more than fifty years or to the present day. Long story short, a stamp for every pocket!